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going commando

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this is a question for all the guys who frequently go commando

doesnt anyone notice and dont you feel unomfortable, the reason i ask is that I am considering going commando and i wanted to know what its like first hand

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    • You get used to it. It feels great, especially in summer. And if anyone notices, so what. What's so shameful about the male genitalia? We've been so brainwashed. Doesn't mean you have to put it on display but if its movement catches someone's eyes they won't say anything anyway. Besides it's fun when you catch a woman looking.
      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:31:00 GMT
    • thanks for responding and if anyone has anything else to say on the subject imput is appreciated. So he said that you get used to it what do you have to get used to? besides feeling the material of your pants on your butt so whats the deal?
      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:32:00 GMT
    • well ive gon comando and ive worn all kinds of undys. well the pluss you dont have boxers cramping up. if thats what you wear. i like comando cuse it lets my balls hang low i like that. boxers also do that. ide recomend something with a bug crotch area. the down side to boxers and comando is that the head of my penis rubs and gets iritated. thats just me and cuse i have ben circumsized against my will. that is one of the reasons it gets iritated cuse i dont have a protective sheath. I dont like breafs cuse they make my balls hang too high and tight but at the same time it constructs my penis from rubbing. thongs realy suport my testicals and leave my penis room to move around. the string isent that bad look at it this way we all get wedgies wouldent you like as little fabric there as posable. thats my 2 cence
      #3; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:34:00 GMT
    • thanks for the advice I really appreciate it, I was also circumsized and didnt have a choice but if I have a son he wont have that problem lol anyway thanks agian for the info.
      #4; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:34:00 GMT
    • I go commando for the comfort. Only my wife knows that I go commando. She understands that it is for comfort.It is no one else's business. I never feel like it is noticed because it isn't. No one would notice unless I'm undressing in a public dressing room at a pool. A lot of guys go commando and don't think about it. It is just comfortable. I sleep in the buff for the same reason.
      #5; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:36:00 GMT
    • Well thats good to know that know one notices, and I think that I will definitly give it a trial run and see if I like it as for the sleeping nude thing i cant do that because I still live with my parents until i can get the money to get an apartment and i dont have much privacy, thats just what i want my broher or my mom to see if they just happen to try and wake me up lol while it would be embarrising for my dad to find me like that he would probobly laugh and leave the room
      #6; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:37:00 GMT
    • Well, I go commando sometimes. It's nothing abnormal, that's for sure. Plenty of guys do it. You've gotten good advice from everyone here. I'd only echo what they've said ... As for the comfort issue, I think its comfortable and fun at the same time, in a way. Its not entirely noticeable ... it's not like people stare down there the whole time - LOL
      #7; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:38:00 GMT
    • thanks I am going to try it today and see if I like it and if anyone wants to know what I thought of it i will post it here.
      #8; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:39:00 GMT
    • I wear jockey shorts all day. Nothing better that getting home from work putting on a loose pair of shorts and going Commando. It best when driving long distance so your boys dont get smashed for hours on end. Just watch the urine spot after the bathroom. That looks little funny. As for people noticing your genitalia through you clothes I have had a couple of close friends girls comments but just as they would if a woman was not wearing a bra. CD
      #9; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:40:00 GMT
    • this is a question for all the guys who frequently go commando

      doesnt anyone notice and dont you feel unomfortable, the reason i ask is that I am considering going commando and i wanted to know what its like first hand

      Pardon a dumb question from an old senior. But -- what is going commando???

      #10; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:41:00 GMT
    • Please explain to a dumb old senior-- What is GOING COMMANDO ???
      #11; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:42:00 GMT
    • NO underware under your clothing. CD
      #12; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:43:00 GMT
    • well today was the first day of me going commando and I guess it was okay it honestly didnt feel like that big of a deal I mean my balls hung as low as they ever go but I dont know it didnt feel like anything special I guess I made it into too big of a thing but thanks all who gave me information about it
      #13; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:44:00 GMT
    • Hey, no problem! Glad we could help ... maybe we did build it up for you to where it didn't feel as good today - LOL If you want try another day, otherwise, there is obviously no big loss or gain either way. :)
      #14; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:45:00 GMT
    • Two issues about going commando: arousal when it's not wanted (in a very public place, e.g), and chafing/rubbing (which can lead to said arousal!). I find the best compromise between freedom (balls swinging pretty loose) and support, is Jockey Zone or Sport. Very good low-rise no-fly briefs with the ease of boxers. Recommended.
      #15; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:46:00 GMT
    • Dude I go commando most of the time i it is either a boxer or commando and mostly commando. There are times though you really should wear somthing to controll your junk like when wearing dress slacks or sweats a loose material clothing. I wear board shorts commando all the time. much more confortable. espessally on those long drives so your boys dont get cooped up for that 4 hour drive.


      surfs up

      #16; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:47:00 GMT