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Sore armpits...

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both of my armpits are sore... its been on and off for around 2 weeks.. threre isnt any noticable swelling or lumps, just a stinging type pain. anybody have or had the same problem? or can give me and idea whats wrong. i would greatly apreciate it.

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    • I'm no expert, but I get very sore very tender armpits one to two weeks before I come down with a cold or the flu or something along those lines. I guess there are lymph glands in your arm pits just like on the sides of your throat and when your immune system kicks in they can get pretty sore. Just this past year mine were so sore that I could barley put my arms down and then I got the flu! One other time I switched deoderants and that made them real sore too but bumps did eventually develop so thats probably not your problem. Anyway that's all my experence with sore pits. Best of luck!


      #1; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:55:00 GMT
    • I am also no Doctor, but swollen lymph nodes can be caused by many things: from sore throat to cancer. I would certainly have this checked out ASAP. I would say 95% chance it is nothing a few antibiotics couldn't knock out. Peace of mind is worth eliminating the chances of the other 5%.
      #2; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:56:00 GMT